Overview of College

Natural and Computational Science College of Bule Hora University
The College of Natural and Computational Sciences encompasses ten functional departments including the departments of Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Sport Sciences, Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Science.
These departments train professionals in applied fields (regular and weekend program), except the Departments of Statistics, Geology and Industrial Chemistry which train professionals in only regular programs. Besides training applied science professionals in the regular programs and partly in the weekend at the undergraduate level, the college has already launched postgraduate programs (MSc) in the fields of Biology (Applied Microbiology and Botanical Sciences), Mathematics (Mathematical Modelling and Differential equation), Physics (Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, Space Physics and Atmospheric Physics), Environmental Science, Sport Science (Health and Fitness, Exercise Physiology) and Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry). Additionally, the College has started PhD in Applied Microbiology, Botanical science, Environmental science, Mathematical Modelling and Differential equation and endorsed the program by 2013.
College of Natural and Computational Science of Bule Hora University is one of the Pioneer College that was established within the University by 2004E.C. First, the College has established within two Departments and offer undergraduate program at a time. Currently the College has ten Departments under which sixteen MSc programs and five PhD programs are being taught. As a public higher learning institution, the College is committed to advance teaching, research and community services through its innovative and scientific way. As Bule Hora is situated in the southern part of Ethiopia, it is endowed with diversified vegetation cover and high moisture areas of the country where Vegetation conserved by strong cultural attachment due to indigenous Gada system. The existence of a number of disciplines and diversified research based postgraduate programs has created the opportunities to foster a multidisciplinary, demand driven and quality research in the College. Hence, we are committed to generate technology, knowledge and information and disseminate the outputs of research and innovation to the end users to enhance economic Growth and development to the nation.
Natural and Computational Science College aspires to be a leading research College in Ethiopia in generating, adapting and transferring of research out puts to benefit the community.
Advancement of Quality Education, Research, and Innovation and disseminate the outputs to the end users.
Promoting demand driven, multidisciplinary and quality research that fuels the development agenda of the nation. 
  • To realize Quality education and effective teaching-learning process  
  • To formulate and update research thematic and priority areas that fuels the development agenda   of the nation by considering national and regional problems and relevant international trends;
  • To create enabling environment for staff and students to conduct high quality, multidisciplinary and demand driven research;
  • To mobilize resources and undertake demand driven research through strong linkage and  partnership
  • To disseminate the research outputs which enable stakeholders to make informed decisions;
  • To link research to teaching and services thereby improving the internal capacity of the College  and  make research integral part of the teaching and learning process; and
  • To enhance internal, regional, national and international collaboration to promote research and innovation and disseminate technology, knowledge and information.