Bule Hora University_Institute of Health _CPD center

Bule Hora University-Institute of Health-CPD_Center
Introduction to BHU CPD Center
Bule Hora University (BHU) is one of the leading comprehensive Universities in Ethiopia and commenced its function in 2012 admitting few students in some departments under 4 colleges. Currently, Bule Hora University has seven colleges, two Institutes and One School. Of Institutes, one is Institute of Health which is found in the main Campus meaning found in Bule Hora Town. Bule Hora University, College of Health and Medical Sciences was established in 2009 E.C. It is the youngest college among Bule Hora University Colleges. At the beginning it was established as Faculty of Health Science in 2009 E.C, and in the same year 2nd semester restructured as College of Health and Medical Sciences. At its beginning the college started with two departments (Department of Nursing and Midwifery). Now a days college of health and medical science is shifted in to Institute of Health. Currently the Institute has one teaching hospital, four schools. Within these four schools there are 11 undergraduate programs and 6 post graduate programs and one PhD programs, and 4postbasic under graduates. The teaching hospital under the institute of health providing health care delivery services and the services has been expanding, and the utilization of the services has been increasing.  CPD Coordination office is among the seven coordinator in the Institute of health. The CPD center in Bule Hora University (BHU), Institute of Health was established in 2021.By April, 2021 BHU, Institute of health became an accreditor and by July, 2022 became a CPD provider. The purpose of CPD program is ensuring quality health service by competent health professionals and to link the continuing education unit (CEU) with license renewal requirement. Health professionals must maintain, update and enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitude to adequately deliver quality health care.

Regarding the in fracture, our CPD center has one well equipped office, one training hall, Toilet which is separate for male and female and necessary accessories for delivering training. The human resource profile of the CPD center includes:  1 CPD coordinator, 1CPD Training officer, 1 ICT officer, 1Secretary, and 7Panel of experts. Currently the center accredited two CPD centers as providers namely Yabello General Hospital and Adola woyu General Hospital.

  • To be one of the excellent top ten CPD Center in Ethiopia by 2035 G.C
  • To produce competent health professionals that solves the community problem through provision of of quality health care by providing comprehensive in service trainings.
Core Values
The CPD center shall be driven by the following core values in the effort of realizing its vision and mission. These are:
  • Customer Focus
  • Quality services
  • Team work
  • Value creation
  • Collaboration and partnership
  • Good Governance and Leadership
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Community Service
CPD activities (Category I and II)  
  • Category I
  • Identify and Collect Accredited CPD Course
  • Develop trainer’s pool
  • Create positive learning environment
  • In-Person trainings
    • Interactive and engaging trainings conducted by industry experts.
  • Online Courses
    • Self-paced online courses that offer flexibility and convenience.
    • Live webinars covering a wide range of trending topics and emerging technologies.
  • Category II
  • Provide Facility specific Category-II CPD activities
  • Select candidate health professionals and eligible departments for category II
  • Conduct Advocacy and Orientation sessions for stakeholders
  • Assign responsible human resource with clear objective and commitment for each department
  • Establish A committee that continuously(weekly) measure and review the progress of the implementation of Category II CPD activities
Institute of Health
  • Integrate the CPD program in the annual performance appraisal of health professionals
  • Arrange CPD offering schedule for its staffs, and report the number of staffs who took CPD courses annually.
  • Notify on time information on CPD issues from the Ministry/ RHB and provider to its staffs.
  • Undertake continuing professional development need assessment for their health workers and, where appropriate, support the professionals accordingly.
  • Avail adequate time for their employees to participate in continuing professional development activities; and
  • Assist for their employee’s continuing professional development activities.