List of Undergraduate and Post-graduate Programs all

BSc/BA Programs
MSc/MA Programs
PhD Programs
Civil Engineering
MSc in Geotechnical Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering
MSc in Power System Engineering
 PhD in Power Engineering
MSc in Communication Engineering
MSc in Control and Instrumentation Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering
MSc in Thermal Engineering
MSc in Automotive Engineering
MSc in Manufacturing Engineering
 Chemical Engineering
MSc in Food Processing Engineering
 Hydraulics & Water Resource Engineering
MSc in Hydraulics Engineering
MSc in Water Supply & Sanitation Engineering
Water Resource & Irrigation Engineering
Construction Technology and management
MSc in Construction Technology & Management
 Mining Engineering
 Surveying Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Engineering
MSc in Industrial Engineering
 Mineral Processing Engineering(ongoing)          
Water Supply & Environmental Eng. (ongoing)          
 Garment Engineering(ongoing)          
Textile Engineering(ongoing)          
Automotive Engineering(ongoing)          
Food Engineering(ongoing)          
Urban Planning(ongoing)          
Electro Mechanical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering    (ongoing)          
Computer Science
MSc in Computer Science
PhD in Computer Science
 Information Technology
MSc in Information Technology
Information Systems
 MSc in Data Science
 Software Engineering
Information Science
MSc in Software Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
MSc in Applied Microbiology
MSc in Botanical Science
 MSc in Analytical, Organic Chemistry
MSc in Modelling
MSc in Differential
MSc in Differential
MSc in Astro Physics
MSc in Nuclear Physics
Sport Science
MSc in Health & Fitness
 Industrial Chemistry
MSc in Mining  Geology
Environmental Science & Ecotoxicology
MSc In Environmental pollution and Sanitation
PhD in Environmental Science
 Pharmacy/Post base
 Nursing/Post base
Midwifery/Post base
Medical Laboratory Science
Environmental Health Science
 Environmental Health Science /Post base
 Health Informatics
 Public Health
Psychiatric Nursing 
Medical Radiography    Techno                  
Accounting and Finance
MSc in Accounting & Finance
 PhD in Accounting
MSc in Developmental Economics
 PhD in Economics
MSc in Economic Policy Analysis
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
PhD in Management
MA in Project Mgt
Marketing management
MA in Marketing Management
 PhD in Marketing mgt
Logistics and Supply chain mgt
MA in Logistics and Supply chain mgt
Hotel and Tourism mgt
Cooperative Accounting and Auditing
Cooperative Business Management
Business Administration & IS
Banking & Finance                  
Public Administration & Dev't  Management
Veterinary Medicine
Animal and Range Science
MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics
MSc in Pastoralism Development
MSc in Animal Production
MSc in Range Science
Plant Science
MSc in Plant Pathology
MSc in Agronomy
Natural resource Management
MSc in Sustainable Natural Resource Management
MSc in Soil Science
Agro forestry
Agro Economics
MSC in Agricultural Economics
 MSc in Pastoral Development
 Rural Development and Extension
MSc in Rural Development
 Food Science & Postharvest Technology
 Food Security and Livelihood
Soil Resource & Water Shade Management
Agro Business & Value Chain Management
Range Ecology & Biodiversity
Wild Life & Ecotourism Mgt 
Ecotourism & Biodiversity Conservation
 English Language and Literature
MA in Teaching English as Foreign Language
MA Literature in English
 Afan Oromo and Literature
MA in Teaching Afan Oromo
Gada and Oromo History
Oromo Folklore and Literature
PhD in Oromo Literature & Folklore
 Journalism and Communication
MA in Journalism & Mass Communication
 Geography and Environmental Studies
MA in  Environmental Disaster Risk Management(DRM )
PhD in  Integrated Natural Resource & Environmental Mgmnt
MA in Climate Change & Sustainable Development
MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing
MA in Urban and Regional Planning
Civics and Ethical Studies
History and Heritage management
MA in History & Heritage Management
Social Anthropology
MA in Ecological Anthropology
MA in Social Anthropology
Governance and Developmental Studies
MA in Development Management
Tourism Management
Social work
MA in Social Work
MA in Philosophy
Political Science & International Relation
Theatrical Art
MA in Gadaa & Peace Studies
 PhD in Gadaa and Governance
LL.M in Economic & Mining Law
 PhD in Law & Development
LL.M in Human Right Law
Adult Education and Community Development
MA in Educational Psychology
Early Childcare and Education
Educational Planning and Management
MA in Educational Mgt & Leadership,
PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Study
 MA in Curriculum & Instruction
Special Need & Inclusive Education