Economics Department



Head, Department of Economics
Name: MrAmanHaso (MSc)
Office room 124, Aba GadaJiloMandho Building
Telephone Number: -
Mobile: 0910772337
P.O.Box 144, Bule Hora, Ethiopia
Overview Department of Economics
The department of Economics is one of the core departments of the College of Business and Economics. The Department was opened in 2012 G.C and is committed to excellence in the core activities of teaching and research in the field of economics.
At present, the Department runs the following programs:
  • BA in Economics (Regular and Extension)
  • MSc in Development Economics
  • MSc in Economic Policy analysis
  • PhD in Economics
Vision & Mission of the Department
The vision of the department is to be one of the top ten departments in Ethiopia by 2025 through the provision of quality education, research and consultancy service in economics.
The mission of the department is enhancing the intellectual and economic validity of Ethiopia through our academic programs, research and community outreach activities.