Department of Statistics

Department of Statistics
Department Overview
Nowadays, statistics is considered as the most fundamental in giving a better decision in both the governmental and non-governmental agencies, research institutions and the private sectors. To fill the gap of human resource that currently our country is facing, launching the postgraduate program is the most vital. It plays a very important role in supporting and advancing development efforts at national and global levels and this is well recognized by Bule Hora University.
Statistical Procedures and methodology are becoming widely used in governmental and non-governmental agencies, scientific research and the private sector. The need for well-trained statisticians at the master’s level is continuing to grow. The BSc program of the Department of Statistics was launched in 2007E.C/ 2015 G.C, and since then it has been supplying statistics professionals who can manage the day-to-day activities of major statistical units and serve as senior statisticians in various organizations. It is one of the fast growing department of providing statistical trainings, research and consultancy services.  
Objective of the Department
To train middle level statisticians in order to meet the demands of the socioeconomic, business and development sectors in the country.
Department Motto
“We are striving for statistical evidence in our everyday activities”
Department Mission
  • Develop fundamental statistical theory and methodology.
  • To produce qualified graduates to fill the human resource gaps that our country is facing.
  • Provide statistics education at higher level to alleviate the shortage in skilled manpower.
  • Educate and train statisticians that are firmly grounded in statistical methodology, computing and theory.
Department Vision  
The department of statistics pursues to be a primary center of excellence in providing quality of education to graduates, provide statistical training, applications and research and promote strong inter disciplinary links with other institutions that are involved in statistical activities.
Program Currently Offered By the Department
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Statistics
Admission Requirements
An applicant must have successfully completed the science preparatory program in a recognized secondary school with good performance in mathematics in the national or equivalent placement/entrance examination or the applicant must have graduated from a recognized university/college with a diploma in Statistics or related fields.
Department Plan
  • Promoting the department to institute/School.
  • Opening the statistical consultancy service at both in university and the town.
  • Launching the graduate program.
  • Producing the qualified staff on teaching, research, and different community service activities.
  • Inviting different statistician from across nationals and internationals by providing the best environments of statistical realities in our universities practically.
Department Head Message!
Welcome to the website of Statistics Department, Bule Hora University and our department is one of the Departments with which Bule Hora University started its journey in 2007 E.C/2015 G.C. Our goal is always to build the department as a center of excellence, providing the highest quality education and leading-edge research that helps the community. The department has rich and highly experienced staff members with diverse research interests in several areas of statistics, including Biostatistics, Applied Statistics, Industrial Statistics, and Econometrics. The Department of Statistics is committed and striving to impart quality education, achieve academic excellence in teaching, research and scholarly endeavors. Therefore, the members of the Statistics department are committed to our priorities of teaching excellence, research & experimental learning and community engagement to provide state-of-the-art teaching to the students and service to the nation. The study of Statistics helps us to realize and understand different category of data, its analysis and interpretations. The knowledge gained through our department enables students for leadership positions in both academic and research and to meet the competitive employment needs of the high technology establishment. We always try to maintain a friendly and highly cooperative environment for students and researchers to help them to reach their best potential. Our department, working with the goal of becoming a brand, is proud of the achievements of its students and graduates. Thank you for visiting our website and feedback for continuous improvement of its contents and presentation is most welcomed!
Kenenisa Abdisa Kuse
                                Head, Department of Statistics, CNCS