Background Information
Industrial Engineering is one of the departments in Bule Hora University, started in the year 2011 E.C.
The department also offers M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and PhD in Industrial and System Engineering. Currently the department has 8 teaching staffs (Including 1 Indian Expats – Ast Professors).
The following Laboratories are included in the department structure
  • AutoCAD Lab (I &II)
  • Drawing Lab
  • Computer labs
Also, the following Laboratory to be shared from mechanical engineering department includes:
  • Material Testing and Strength of laboratory
  • Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  •  Thermal Laboratory
  • Energy Laboratory
  • Fluid mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
  • Measurement and instrumentation laboratory
Staff Profile
On duty staff’s profile
Expatriate (PhD)&Local
Assistance Lecturer
Lab. Assistance
                                                      8 total staff
The primary objective of the undergraduate IE program is to prepare our students as high achieving individuals who commit themselves to excellence, hard work, and superior performance. Whether they choose to work in the industry/service sector, or decide to stay in the academia, we want them to stand out as role models. The objectives of the Industrial Engineering program are to prepare students for successful careers as engineers and leaders and to prepare them for graduate study by providing:
  • A rigorous foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering;
  • The analytical, computational, experimental, and methodological tools to define and analyze complex problems;
  • The technical, teamwork, and communication skills necessary to design complex systems and processes;
  •  An understanding of ethical and societal issues that impact engineering solutions;
  • An awareness of the importance to remain abreast of the latest technological developments and contemporary issues that affect the theory and practice of engineering.
  • An understanding of and an ability to apply the production of goods and service, maintenance, and delivery of goods and services; fundamental human factors which influence engineering design, the economic analysis of alternative design choices, introductory economics and accounting, quality control techniques, manufacturing  processes and materials, production and inventory system design and control, the mathematical modeling and simulation of complex systems, and the design and installation of information acquisition and control systems.
  •  An ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to function on multi-disciplinary teams, to have knowledge of pertinent contemporary issues, and to recognize the need for a commitment to life-long learning.
In general, as the job opportunities for Industrial Engineers are enormous, the departments’ objective is to provide an overall training to the students to successfully face the market demand. The Industrial Engineering departments are strongly committed to provide all the skills required to the students, to make them prospective and assist in the prosperity of the nation.
  • Educational Goal
  • Research Goal
  • Strategies For educational Goal
  • Review and revise IEM curriculum at the B.S. and M.S. levels – oncampus and online to make them current, relevant, engaging and challenging.
  • Recruit a diverse group of students into the IEM program.
  • Provide scholarships to allow students to pursue study-abroad opportunities, engage in co-op and internship activities and offer courses at sufficient frequency
  • Produce industrial engineers well versed in the ability to collect, process, analyze, and utilize big data for real-time decision support.
  •  Produce industrial engineers who can develop or utilize new technologies, apply them in new areas, and possess entrepreneurship skills and a sharp business acumen
Strategies for Research Goal
  1. Develop a culture that embraces extramurally funded research activities, making this activity the norm and not the exception.
  2.  Identify opportunities and mentor new faculty to become successful in proposal writing, mentoring PhD students and interacting with stakeholders.
  3.  Invest in physical and cyber infrastructure to allow IE faculty and graduate students to develop and expand research.
  4. Be recognized by our peers as a leader in research so our faculty and students will have a better chance of winning national awards, securing research funding, occupying leadership positions in our professional societies as editors of journals, conference chairs, board members, and in other areas.
In addition to these the department strives to maintain high standards by devoting considerable effort to meeting the following long-term goals:
  • Student quality.
  • Scholarship and development funds.
  • Curriculum
  • Co-op program.
  • Student retention.
  • Research.
  • Continuing education.
  • Industrial relations.
  • Professional services.
  • Innovation
To inspire and empower our students to become leaders in a wide variety of industries, improve the quality of life for humankind, and change the nation as well as region for the better, by making societal systems diverse, effective, efficient, and sustainable. Also, the Department desires to excel in teaching, research, and industry linkage/consultancy at a national level as well as regionally and also in producing competent engineers within the field of industrial engineering to solve the problem of our country and bring tangible solution.
The department provide continuously and aggressively advance educational and research processes which will attract students who fulfill our vision and also preparing young men and women to lead productive and rewarding professional lives at the forefront of Engineering in the 21st century and pursues research and linkage with the industry to advance the state-of-the-art in industrial engineering education.
Admission Criteria
FDRE Ministry of Education
National Collaboration
  • Jimma University, Jimma
Global Collaborations
Academic Programs
The Department offers 1 B.Sc. program in Undergraduate Level.
M.Sc. Program in Post graduate level
  • M.Sc. in industrial Engineering
B.Sc. Programs
  • B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering
PhD Programs
  • PhD. in Industrial and System Engineering
Head Department:  Mr. Desalegn Kasa- MSc. (Lecture)
Tel: +251-902134563
P.O.Box- 144, Bule Hora, Ethiopia.