College of Agricultural Sciences Experiences Sharing Program on topic “Publication Process and Procedures”

Bule Hora University, College of Agricultural Sciences has Organized Experiences Sharing Program on topic “Publication Process and Procedures” for his young staffs.
January 21/2022-BHU
Experiences sharing program was conducted by three senior staffs in the college (2 PhD and 1 Postdocs) and the participants were all academic staffs under the college.
The major components addressed on experience sharing were Scientific Writing and Communication, Standard Manuscript Preparation Process, Reputable publishers’ selection and communication, Research and consultancy issues were addressed.
The main aims of the stage were to enhance young academic staffs towards research work and making smooth ground for writing the standardized manuscript, article publication and winning the grants by researchers.
Expected output is also to support academic staffs’ promotions and linking college and university to international community via publication.
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