Bule Hora University started International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) TOT Training for Staff and Teachers

The College of Business and Economics at BHU has started a training program on IFRS for its staff The training aims to equip the participants with the knowledge and understanding of the IFRS standards and their application. The training was opened by the V/President for Academic, Research, Technology Transfer, and Community Services, Dr. Tinsaye Tamirat, who welcomed the trainees and urged them to follow the program with dedication. He said that the IFRS training is very effective and relevant for the university and the country.  The Dean of the College, Instructor Dereje Hayilu, highlighted the importance of the training for enhancing the skills and competencies. The Vice Dean of the college, Instructor Chachu Wako, added that the training would benefit  the financial sector and the auditors, who need to comply with the IFRS standards and regulations.