Bule Hora University hosted a special event to honor the new and former leaders of the institution.

November 24/2023
The university had recently appointed its president and two vice presidents, who were in charge of different areas of the university's positions as well as Head of President's office. The event was organized by the PR office & the office stated that the purpose of the event was to create a culture of appreciation among the leaders and the staff. 
The new leaders were Dr. Berhanu Lema,the President of the University, Dr. Negesa Mokona, the Vice President of Administration and Development, Dr. Tinsae Tamrat, the Vice President of Academic Research Technology Transfer and Community Services, and Metasebiya Adula (PhD Candidate), the Head of the President's Office. 
They were greeted by the members of the Senate, the university management. The leaders received a warm message of congratulations. They vowed to work hard to bring the university to a higher level of excellence.