Bule Hora University celebrates 18th Nation and Nationalities Day

Bule Hora University marked the 18th Ethiopian Nation and Nationalities Day on December 7, 2023 with various activities and events. The theme of the celebration was “Diversity and Equality for National Unity”.
The program began with the Ethiopian National Anthem and a speech by the university’s president, Dr. Birhanu Lema. He said everyone should celebrate the day as their own and should appreciate the diversity and unity of more than 80 nationalities. He also emphasized the importance of focusing on the commonalities rather than the differences among the people.
Mr. Sholisa Jilo, from Civics Department, gave a detailed presentation on the concepts and significance of diversity and equality. Abdulahi Teshita, the government representative of the university, delivered a message of solidarity and harmony.
As part of the celebration, a blood donation program was also organized by the Ethiopian Blood Bank’s Bule Hora branch.