Admission Requirement

Student who have successfully completed the ten plus two (10+2) years preparatory and have passed the entrance exam could apply for admission to the Hydraulic and Water Resource Engineering department. Applicant will be admitted to the department on competitive basis after they join College of Engineering and Technology based on their entrance exam results, interests and merit. No incentives are set for international students. International students satisfying the entry requirements will be admitted to the program if they can produce financial statement to support their study through various means. The Program will normally operate on a semester basis, sixteen weeks each semester, from September of one year through to June of the following year. Each year, a flexible academic calendar shall be prepared for the regular and other non-conventional programs (extension, in service, summer, etc…) by the Office of the Registrar, in consultation with the Academic Vice President and Directors/Deans of Institutes/Faculties/Colleges, and should be approved by the respective academic commissions and the senate.
National Collaboration:    None
Global Collaboration:   None
Academic Programs
  1. BSc in Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering (regular)   5 years program ( on Progress ,at Main Campus)
  2. BSc in Water Supply and Environmental Engineering (regular)   5 years program (new, at Main Campus )
11. Master (MSc) programs
  • MSc   in Hydraulic Engineering     ( regular  2 Years )  ( on Progress) 
  • MSc in Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering( Regular 2 Years) on Progress)