About Institute Of Health:

Chief Executive Director’s Message
Dear students, academic and supportive staffs of Institute of Health, I am glad to put this message to all of you on the behalf of our Institute. Institute of Health is established to produce professionals that ensure sustainable provision of health to the country. Even though, its age is too young; there is an impressive move to be excellent in terms of effective teaching, research and community services. Since modern era requires innovation, research and publication, our institute is dedicated to produce and catalyzes new scholars who were make better health for human kind. In addition we encourage our students to be better in all aspects to be unique in their discipline, humanity, patience, respecting and caring, and become role model for the university communities. Lastly I remind all of you, let us come together to make better our world by providing better health care to all human being without discrimination. That is what we are created for!
About Institute:
Institute of Health was established in 2009 E.C. It is the youngest of all Bule Hora University Colleges. At the beginning it was established as Faculty of Health Science and after one year restructured as College of Health and Medical Sciences, and then recently restructured as Institute of Health at the end of 2013 E.C /2021. At its beginning the institute started with Departments of Nursing and Midwifery with 7 academic staffs.
Currently our institute is delivering 11 regular undergraduate programs, 9 regular postgraduate programs and two weekend postgraduate program with total active staff of 111 and 1 PhD in Reproductive health.
Through well qualified academicians and modern technology to produce professional equipped with professional knowledge, skill and ethics; providing need based community service and doing problem solving researches increase the health coverage of the country.
The institute aspires to be institute of choice in quality Health and medical education, community service and health research by 2030.
Facilities and Services:
  • Medical laboratory science lab
  • Pharmacy lab
  • Nursing skill lab
  • Midwifery skill lab
  •  Cadaver for Medicine
  • Hospital attachment
  • Internship
  • Community based training program
  • Team training program
  •  Community service