3rd round international conference was held at Bule Hora University.

May 25/2015
3rd round international conference was held at Bule Hora University.
The 3rd round of international conferences was held on 25/09/2015 at the Oda Hall on the university's main campus under the theme of "Pastoralism and climate change resilience?" organized by the Research Directorate and President's Office.
The research conference was attended by the president of Bule Hora University, Dr. Fikadu W/Mariam, V/presidents, Abba Geda, university scholars, international researchers, education experts, police officers, various local and foreign stakeholders, and other invited guests.
Regarding the beginning of the conference, the inauguration was started by the Abba Gades according to the local tradition, and the director of the research of Bule Hora University, Mr. Fitsum Demise, conveyed a welcome message to the participants of this great conference and mentioned that the primary purpose of the study and research is to make people's lives better by adapting scientific and technologically supported procedures.
Ato Fitsum also mentioned that the university is based on four main centers of excellence and explained that the topic prepared for the conference today is related to agriculture, which the university focuses on and is current.
In another way, the Vice President of the University's Research and Community Service, Dr. Tinsae Tamrat, who delivered a welcome message at the conference, explained that the university operates in four main centers of excellence, namely mining, health, agriculture, and indigenous knowledge, explaining that the climate change, especially in Guji and Borena. He said that the impact it is causing on the environment is serious and should be given attention.
Dr. Tinsae also pointed out that it is important for the pastoralists to work together on the issues that can benefit the farmers in coping with climate change in this conference, which is unique in its type and content, noting that the conference that started that day was the first and not the last.
The President of Bule Hora University, Dr. Fikadu  W/Maryam, who gave the opening speech at the conference, thanked the guests and the organizers of the conference and pointed out that there are two main benefits of holding a conference on research, that is, we can understand the damage caused by climate change and get new information. He explained that there will be a discussion about solutions that can be used.
Dr. Fikadu pointed out that the importance of attending such conferences and discussing things together allows us to identify what we have and what we have lost. It also makes it possible to understand how much damage climate change is causing, especially in the pastoral area.
The President added that the organization of the research conference is a great role for academics in sharing solutions to various problems for society.
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