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Academic Standing of Undergraduate Students

1. Modular Courses

  1. A first year student whose first semester SANG is >1.75 can pass to the second semester.
  2. A student who earned a 2.0 (C)” grade or above in all courses of a semester shall be in good standing.
  3. A student cannot register a course for more than three times in anyway. In case the student scores F after three times, article 50.5 will apply.
  4. If a student didn’t take supplementary examination having “Fx” within two weeks time due to unjustifiable reason, the “Fx” shall be converted into “F” for status determination.
  5. Any re-admitted student can repeat courses he/she scored “F”,”D” and or “C-“
  6. ) Any consecutive warning leads to Academic Dismissal.

A cut-off SANG/SGPA and/or a CANG/CGPA for status determination of all students shall be as follows:

First Year Students

  • A student who, at the end of the first semester, receives an SGPA/SANG of less than l.50 shall be dismissed for academic reasons.
  • A student, who, at the end of the first semester, scores a semester grade point average (SGPA/SANG) of 1.50 up to 1.74 both inclusive, shall be warned.
  • If a student, who has been put on warning during the first semester, fails to maintain an SGPA/SANG of 1.75 or a CGPA/CANG of 2.00 during the second semester of the first academic year, he is subject to dismissal unless otherwise put on probation at the discretion of the academic commission
  • A student, who, at the end of the second semester, receives either an SGPA/SANG of less than l.75 or a CGPA/CANG of less than 2.00 shall be warned.
  • If a student fails to achieve a SGPA/SANG of 1.00 at any semester, s/he is subject to dismissal.

Second and Higher Class Year Students

  • A student, who fails to achieve either SGPA/SANG of at least 1.75 and/or a CGPA/CANG of at least 2.00 at any semester, shall be warned by his dean. However, a student who fails to achieve a SGPA/SANG of 1.00 at any semester is subject to dismissal.
  • A student, who for a second consecutive semester scores either an SGPA of less than 1.75 or fails to maintain a CGPA/CANG of 2.00, is subject to dismissal unless put on probation. A student who is subject to dismissal cannot claim probation as a matter of right

Discretionary probation

The function of discretionary probation, which can only be granted by the respective Academic Unit, is to allow students who fall below the required academic standards to continue their studies. The decision to permit a student to continue his/her studies on discretionary probation is based on individual consideration of his/her case and a conclusion that, in view of all the relevant circumstances, there prevails a reason to believe that the student can raise himself/herself academically to the required level of achievement.


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