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Teaching-learning, research and community services are the main tasks that higher education institutions are striving for. Under taking problem solving research and development of locally adaptable technologies are believed to contribute to the lively hood improvement of communities. For countries like Ethiopia, much is expected from research to alleviate the economic problems, to reduce poverty, to assure food security, to prevent and control multifaceted problems and to introduce new technologies.

In 2012, when the university starts teaching learning process, the office of research and publication was not established. However, temporary proposal screening committee was assigned by the academic and research vice president to screen 16 research proposals that have been submitted. Among those, only 5 research proposals: 1 from Agriculture, 1from Engineering, 2 from social science, and 1 from Natural and Computational science were funded. By effort made to encourage staff to be engaged in research, the number of proposals accepted for fund was increased in 2013 and 2014. Totally 35 problem solving research have been conducted in the past three years under 15 different thematic areas: natural resource management and environmental protection, food security, animal production, biodiversity and biotechnology, language and cultural promotion, tourism and heritage management, urban and rural integrated development, gender equality and equity, mining and environmental health, clean energy promotion and implementation, entrepreneurship, public health and disease control, appropriate technology development, postural and agro- postural livelihood and education quality. With these thematic areas and others, we aimed to expand national and international relations and to increase the number of researches and to establish research centers in Guji and Borena zone.


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