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Message from the President

H.E. Dr. Kaba Urgessa, State Minister for the Higher Education of the FDRE Ministry of Education, the guest of honor; H.E. Ato Tilahun Wadara, Guji Zone administrator; Dear Bule Hora University Graduates of 2008 E.C, Dear parent of graduates,Dear invited guests who are gathered here from other institutions in order to

make this graduation ceremony glorious by accepting to our invitation. Dear colleagues; Academic and Administrative staffs; Dear participants of academic community members; invited Abba Gadaa of Borana, Arsi, Guji, and Garba communities as well as Abba Gadaa of the Oromo as a whole; Dear leaders of various religions and invited guests. Ladies and gentlemen!

First of all, extending my sincere congratulations to all 1022 3rd round Bule Hora University graduates of 2008, I would like ask you to allow me to begin my speech. I would also like to say congratulation on behalf of the guest of honor of the moment, Dr. Kaba Urgessa, FDRE state minster for Ministry of educations, BHU Vice presidents, my colleagues, faculty deans, directors and all administrative workers.Once again, please, allow me to express my great national and heartfelt pleasure and the honor I have to third round graduates on behalf of me and BHU community.

Dear families of graduates! Your care and contributions to today’s graduates is not limited to the first chapter of their progress when you devoted your golden time, money, and energy in raising, caring and educating them; it is also being extended to the second chapter of their life as you are here eagerly crossing long and challenging road to share their happiness and to see their transformation from first chapter into second chapter of life. I would like to welcome you all, and Congratulation for your achievement! Dear honored guests of the day; Ladies and gentlemen!What makes today’s graduation ceremony unique from the last two is our achievement in sustaining graduates of Faculty of Engineering and Technology who so patiently passed through challenges with in insufficiency of university’s infrastructure for the last five years using the motto ‘እየተማርን እንገነባለን እየገነባን እንማራለን!!’ I am specially honored to say congratulation to you. Besides, Bule Hora University conferred Honorary Doctorate Degrees upon two Oromo Yubas and this makes today’s graduation ceremony more colorful and unique. Firstly, Yuba Aga Xenxeno (the former Oromo Guji Abba Geda is conferred Honorary Doctorate Degree for the prominent roles he played in promoting culture of good governance, conflict mitigation (resolution), interviewed by various scholars and researchers on Oromo Geda System, media, press; visited the USA on the 28th OSA Conference in 2014 and promoted the Geda System of the Oromo and Oromo ways of life, promoted the status of the Oromo Geda System and culture in Ethiopia. Secondly, Borbor Bule is also conferred Honorary Doctorate Degrees as he is “---the most distinguished and knowledgeable man”, Prof.Asmerom Legessie (2000); “A Moving Encyclopedia of the Oromo Culture and History”, Prof.Gufu Oba (1998); “Borbor is famous for his rich knowledge …..What he says is widely believed in Borena today….” Dr.Marco Basi and Dr.Boku Tache (2000), and “….he is un-exhaustible knowledge reservoir”, Dr.Boku Teche (2000). I am obliged to thank our university board members, Borana Zone chief administrator, Guji Zone chief administrator, Borana Zone HEIs coordinators, Bule Hora Woreda as well as Bule Hora town Administrator and the nearby Abba Gadaas, and the two Zones people as a whole for the wonderful efforts that they have made in assisting us in guiding the university in the right direction by being a part of solution for problems that were occurred in our institution. Once again, allow me to express my deepest gratitude for them on my behalf and on behalf of BHU. Lastly, dear all graduates of this day once again congratulation! (3X)

              Dr. Abdulkadir Hussien
             President, Bule Hora University


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