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Since the establishment of the University here in Bule Hora Town, the office (Plan and institutional change management) has played a role in terms of planning, monitoring,evaluating and reporting whatever activities has been done quarterly. That means those activities which are planned under both wings I.e. administration and academic are planned individually and combined together by this office and then finally sent to all concerned bodies

This office has been working all this activities with single expert almost for a year. However, later on this number raised to seven who are currently distributed according to the new structure to different offices. So by now there are two experts and a typist who are left in the office.

The office is organized with materials such as computers, printers, photo copy machines, Telephone and Some others which may facilitate the activities to be done.


Office mission is planning, Monitoring, Evaluating, reporting all the actives under different programs throughout the plan period.


Institutional change office aspires to be one of the known offices in the different Universities in the country by 2022.

Major tasks & activities

  • Implementing activities with the help of change tools
  • Making change tools being functional
  • Preparing trainings in relation to change tools, planning, reporting and Monitoring budget in relation to physical actives that are under all programs
  • Combining those plans which are gathered from different sectors
  • Reporting what have been done by different sectors.
  • Evaluating and giving timely feedback to all sectors based on their activities every three months.
  • Struggling to the prevalence of good governance and democracy.
  • Struggling against rent seeking attitudes
  • Gathering best practices and promoting them.
  • Announcing to offices early in order to prepare either their plan or report as much as possible by distributing cheek lists and formats.


  • Since the time of University’s establishment, Every activities that haves been done are reported through this office
  • Different trainings have been given to the university’s community in relation to plan and report.
  • Every information concerning this University is delivered to all concerned bodies and this is ongoing process
  • Balanced score card is done up to level six, however the left three are not.
  • 1to 5 grouping is under taking in almost all offices.
  • The office is well organized with materials .

Contact address

    Phone No:
  • (+251)0464430178
  • (+251)0913 302082
  • (+251)0911 066683
  • Fax:
  • (+251)0464431034
  • Name: Tesfanesh or Tamiru


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