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Housing and Dinning

Eligibility for residential and catering service will be according to the priorities set by other Higher Education Policies or University rules.

1. Priorities
  • Disabled students and students with approved medical certificate are priority No-1
2. Allocation and use of dorms and cafeteria
  • For newly assigned students, dorms and cafeterias are allocated prior to the arrival of students/based on the data of MoE/.
  • For active students -To arrange prior allocation, of dormitory and catering services active students should choose and fill the type of services they want to receive for the next academic year at the end of every second semester before leaving for summer vacation.
  • Room assignment will be renewed and guaranteed every semester.
  • Every student shall have a meal card which is renewed every semester.
  • There will be an attempt to mix students as far as possible to give students the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and approaches to life.
  • Where there is a substantial age difference (increases incrementally with age) students will not be placed in the same accommodation.
3. Television Services
  • The Director of Student Service arranges a 24 hours communal television services to each resident building
  • TV services with multichannel are provided at no additional cost to the students
4. Keys
  • Every student in a given room will have her/his own key
  • Lost or stolen keys should be immediately reported to respective proctors of the building or the campus police
5. Lost & Found
  • The University does not take responsibility for personal items that are abandoned, lost, misplaced, or stolen from within the housing communities.
  • Students are advised to inform proctors or campus police when they lose or find any property.
6. Room Entry
  • Authorized University personnel may enter a student’s room at any time
  • Property can be seized and removed from a resident’s room if it constitutes an imminent danger or disruption to the resident or others, when the property is University owned, when state law or University policy is being violated, or when the property is unauthorized
  • There will be periodic checks in to the conduct of occupancy of the halls. The students may or may not be notified about the coming inspection depending on the nature of the inspection
7. Mail service
  • The Director of Student Service in consultation with the Ethiopian Postal Agency avails postal services for students in every campuses of the University through branch Post offices.
8. Sick serving dishes
  • Students who get sick and unable to go to the cafeteria, a sick serving dish/ meals may be picked up by the roommate, by acquiring a sick form from the university health center.

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9. Special Diets
10. Meals requested for educational trips
11. Room cleanness
12. Visits by outsiders in rooms of residence
13. Drug abuse (use) and Alcohol use
14. Smoking in and around room
15. Illegal occupation of rooms
16. Reporting of violation, damage or loss of property
17. Activities

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