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Continuing Education Program (CEP) is the extension of regular program, and it has three major objectives. The primary concern is to create education opportunity for the community who couldn’t get a chance to learn in regular program. Secondly, it is one way to create extra work opportunity for teachers, and this year, about 39 teachers become beneficiary from CEP. The third objective of the program is to generate internal revenue for the university. Thus, taking these into account, the program started its work with three departments: Accounting and Finance, Business Management and civil Engineering from the very beginning. Currently, the program has extended the department into four by admitting students for Information Technology department. Now, CEP has about 371 total number of students including first, second and third batch.

Furthermore, it has been planned to extend the program to the nearby towns like Yabello and Adola on Weekends. It should be clear that the degree that someone obtains through the admission classification of CEP is the same with that of the degree which is obtained from the regular admission classification. Therefore, what makes difference is the extent to which someone puts his/ her skills and competence into practice. In other words, the one who has got degree from both admission classifications is expected to perform at least equivalent to the paper s/he has obtained; at most, beyond the degree that has been received from the university. In short, CEP and regular program share the same responsibility to produce skilled man power and to upgrade competence of students so as to make them competent enough in the dynamic world.

Objectives of the program

  • Extending education opportunity for the community
  • Creating over-time work opportunity for instructors
  • Generating internal revenue for the university


  • Weekends
  • Evening/night/extension
  • Summer

Faculties and departments functioning now

    • Business Management
    • Accounting and Finance
      Engineering and Technology
    • Civil Engineering
    • Information Technology

Contact address

  • Name:Engiliz Ketema
  • Phone No:(+251)910747255


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